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Due to the large amount of requests and correspondence received through the mail to the Records Center Office, we must ask researchers to fill out a request form before a search is initiated. Researchers who are able to come to the records center in person may research free of charge.

  • Cemetery Records--A compilation of over 170 cemeteries in Oswego County.

  • Census Records--Available for the years 1820, '50, '55, '60, '65, '70, '75, '80, '92, 1900, '05, '10, '15, '20, and '25.

  • New York State Census Records-- 1855 and 1865, alphabetized.

  • "History of Oswego County"-- 1877

  • Naturalization Records-- Available beginning in 1829. Records from 1829-1906 contain only minimal information. After 1906, the complete naturalization records are available up to 1957.

  • "Landmarks of Oswego County"--1895, Churchill.

  • Marriage License Records-- 1908-1935 only.

  • City Directories-- Oswego directories from 1869-1998 and Fulton directories from 1903-1998.

  • Town Assessment Records-- c. 1850 to 1900.

  • Naturalization Records-- 1830s-1950s.

  • Town and Village Histories

  • "Tree Talks" Newsletter of Central New York Genealogy Society, 1970s to 1990s. Includes a special Oswego County index.

  • Genealogies and Family Histories (donated by researchers).

  • "Stone's Atlas of Oswego County"-- c. 1867 maps which can be copied.

  • Hunter Map of Oswego County-- c. 1854 which can be copied.

  • Blankman's Map of Oswego County-- c. 1889, does not copy well.

  • Miscellaneous donated records of early marriages, births and deaths in specific areas.

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