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front service counter at Clerk's Office

Accepts passport applications for forwarding to appropriate federal authorities.

Pistol Permits
Distributes and receives all applications for pistol permits and all amendments to the same. The County Court Judge has the responsibility for issuance. Following the issuance, all permits are filed in the County Clerk's office.

Notaries Public
Notifies notary public of their appointments by Secretary of State, qualifies notaries and maintains record of them.

Veterans' Discharge Papers
Records veterans' discharges and furnishes copies of them upon requests of veterans.

Oaths of Office
Files oaths of office for all county officials, as well as some officials and employees of other governmental subdivisions.

Uniform Commercial Code Department
All chattels, conditional bills of sale and security agreements are filed in this department. All documents received are processed for the files and searches and certified copies are made upon request.

Assumed Name and Corporate Certificates
Files business certificates, corporate certificates, and amendments and discontinuances of same for single proprietorships, partnerships and corporations located in Oswego County.

Court Records
Serves as clerk for the Supreme and County Courts. The clerk's office files the records and maintains court proceedings including criminal and civil cases.

Keeper of all maps filed in Oswego County, as well as affidavits of correction as applied to filed maps. The maps filed are microfilmed for protection and copies are available for inspection or purchase.

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