Oswego County Highway Department

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About the Oswego County Highway Department

A highway worker digs the area around a culvert

The Highway Department is responsible for the maintenance and safety of 505 miles of County roads, 113 bridges, 4000 culverts, 7000 signs and 35 miles of guide railing throughout Oswego County.

To help maintain the 505 miles of County roads the Highway Department owns and operates a bituminous mix plant to make blacktop for all of its paving projects. The mix plant produces 100,000 tons of blacktop per year. The Highway Department also receives revenue from the mix plant through intermunicipal agreements with municipalities within the County.

The Highway Department maintains permits for 13 gravel pits. Traction control sand, sand and gravel are produced from the gravel pits to be used on the roads in the winter and provide material to construct and maintain the County roads. We also use sand and gravel in our blacktop production.

The Highway Department contracts with the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) and is responsible for snow removal on 295.51 lane miles of State highways and 7 parking lots owned by the State. The Highway Department typically receives an average of $2.8 million in revenue per year to perform this service for the NYSDOT. The snow removal operations include plowing, salting and removing snow and ice on the roads and within the Villages of Cleveland, Central Square, Parish, Williamstown, Phoenix and Hannibal. The Highway Department is also responsible for snow removal on 54.34 miles of County roads and 10 County facility parking lots. We contract with the Towns for them to remove snow on the remainder of 450 miles of County roads.

Other sources of revenue that the Highway Department receives to help maintain the highway infrastructure include approximately $2.6 million per year from the New York State Consolidated Local Street and Highway Improvement Program (CHIPS). The Highway Department has also received approximately $5.6 million in revenue since 1996 from Federal and State (Marchiselli and Multi Modal) sources to fund various bridge and highway projects.

The Highway Department has three maintenance facilities located in the Towns of Scriba, Parish and Richland where we maintain more than 400 vehicles and heavy construction equipment. Our shops do everything from inspect vehicles to rebuild engines on snowplows, trucks, cars, pickup trucks, wheel loaders, bull dozers, track hoes, bucket trucks and graders. The Parish facility also has a welding shop used to repair equipment and fabricate bridge structures, railing, pipe and drainage structures. A sign shop located at the Scriba facility is used to make all the signs used on County roads.

An Oswego County plow cleans up the roads after a big snowstorm

Other highway maintenance activities the Highway Department performs include the following:

  • Roadside mowing

  • Tree cutting

  • Road striping

  • Installation of driveways with completed application and fees

  • Roadside ditching

  • Road construction and design

  • Bridge construction and design

  • Guide railing installation and repair

  • Shoulder cutting

The Oswego County Airport is a separate division of the Highway Department and is located in the Town of Volney, just northeast of the City of Fulton. The Airport serves local pilots and national/international companies with fueling and hangar facilities. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) designated the Airport as a general aviation reliever to Hancock International Airport. The airport hosts a flight school, restaurant and charter service. The Airport staff is responsible for maintaining two runways 100 x 4000 and 100 x 5200 as well as all taxiways, hangars and approximately 400 acres. A total of over $6.6 million in revenue has been received from Federal and State sources for the construction and maintenance of infrastructure at the Airport.

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