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February 1, 2019

Oswego Home is Completely Rehabilitated -

Oswego County Land Bank Works to Improve Neighborhoods

OSWEGO COUNTY - The Oswego County Land Bank continues its mission of improving local neighborhoods in Oswego County. The agency was created in 2016 by a resolution of the Oswego County Legislature to address the problem of run-down or vacant properties that create economic strife in communities across the county.

"Land banks ensure that these properties are returned to productive use in an efficient and coordinated way," said Oswego County Legislator Shane Broadwell, District 17, president of the board of directors of the Oswego County Land Bank. "This usually entails a long-term stabilization of the property while waiting for the right development proposal or for renovation funding to become available. However, sometimes it only requires a short-term involvement if a problem property can be quickly sold to a responsible buyer for development."

The land bank contracted with Oswego Rental Properties in the spring of 2017 to rehabilitate a residential property in Oswego. Now, the organization has announced the successful completion of the project and its release of an enforcement mortgage on the property located at 25 Church St.

"An enforcement mortgage is used by land banks when a property is sold for development by another individual or entity," said Kim Park, executive director of the Oswego County Land Bank. "The document lists the repairs and improvements to be done, as well as the associated dollar amount and agreed upon time-frame."

Anthony Pauldine General Contractors, Inc. was brought in to complete the renovations.

"This project was a complete overhaul, from top to bottom, inside and out," said Tony Pauldine, owner of Oswego Rental Properties and Anthony Pauldine General Contractors, Inc. "It included a new roof, kitchen, and bath, as well as countertops and floors, windows and siding, and a new blacktop driveway. To maintain the character of the house, we kept much of the nice woodwork and trim features and reconstructed the beautiful front porch in its original design."

Pauldine continued, "The property was in obvious and grotesque disrepair when we acquired it. Now, it is an anchor in the neighborhood. It went from being the worst property on the block to one of its finest." Park agreed. "This property was in extremely poor condition and it was simply too large of a project for the land bank to take on at the time we took ownership of it," she said. "Thanks to the hard work and commitment of Tony and his crew, the renovations came out beautifully. It was the best thing that could have happened for the property and the neighborhood."

To date, this is the only project that Pauldine has worked with the OCLB on; however, he is open to other opportunities in the future.

"Part of the magic of this partnership is that we are able to take the risk from the land bank on this property and enable them to take care of other sites on their schedule," said Pauldine. "Also, because we do the work ourselves, it helps us to control the costs of the restoration, so it's good for everyone."

He added, "The land bank is doing impressive work in Oswego County and we're very pleased to be involved with it."

Legislator Broadwell also commended Pauldine and his company for the work involved with this project.

"This was a high-end restoration project," he said. "Tony's company ensured that the work that was done was of a superior quality and at a lower cost than the land bank could have contracted for. This allowed us to focus on some of our other properties and increases the successful completion of our goals two-fold."

The property was originally acquired via donation from Pathfinder Bank, an Oswego County-based financial institution.

"When making the decision to donate this property, we felt that the Oswego County Land Bank was the perfect organization to help steward the property back into productive use," said James Dowd, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. "We wanted to continue to show our support of the Land Bank and its mission. The bank knew that this was the best organization to partner with in order to ensure that the property would be appropriately renovated and returned to the tax rolls. In the end, the property was placed into the right hands and we know that's what is best for not only the property, but for the street and the surrounding neighborhood."

For more information about the Oswego County Land Bank, call 315-349-3202 or go to www.oswegocountylandbank.com.

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