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March 12, 2019

Clinics Start March 27 in Scriba -

Oswego County Health Department says, 'Get Your Pets Vaccinated!'

OSWEGO COUNTY - Although it may be difficult to think of Spring this time of year, nicer weather will be upon us soon and so will the 2019 rabies clinics. The Oswego County Health Department works year-round to protect residents from the dangers of rabies. In 2018 Oswego County Health Department staff:


"Rabies is nearly always fatal, but it can be prevented if post-exposure prophylaxis is administered soon after an exposure occurs. Our staff works hard 24/7 to identify potential exposures and the need for post-exposure rabies treatment," said Judy Grandy, Director of Environmental Health for the Oswego County Health Department.

Grandy said it's important to remember that vaccinating your pets builds a "buffer zone" between the virus and humans to prevent rabies. The Health Department encourages residents to take advantage of the department's free rabies vaccination clinics.

Rabies vaccination clinics for pets will be held in the following locations during the spring, summer and fall of 2019:

There is a suggested donation of $7 per animal.

"Through vaccination and education, the impact of rabies has been reduced; however combatting this disease is an on-going battle," said Grandy. "The first step is to build a buffer zone."

All animal bites, whether from a domestic animal or wildlife, should be reported to the Oswego County Health Department. Health Department staff will work with residents and health care providers to determine if rabies treatment is needed.

To report an animal bite or seek guidance concerning potential exposures to rabies, contact the Oswego County Health Department at (315) 349-3557, weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., or call (315) 341-0086 after regular business hours, weekends and holidays.

Additional information about rabies can be found at www.cdc.gov/rabies.

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