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April 2, 2019

EMC Plans Clean-Up Competition -

County Residents Encouraged to Plan Earth Day Clean-Up Projects

OSWEGO COUNTY - The county's Environmental Management Council (EMC) invites residents to observe Earth Week in an informal "before and after" clean-up competition of places where litter has been cleaned up in Oswego County.

The Environmental Management Council is appointed by the Oswego County Legislature and advises the legislature on environmental issues.

"Oswego County is very fortunate to have so many gorgeous waterways, waterfront, and parks, and keeping Oswego County clean is very important to the EMC," said County Legislator Patrick Twiss (District 13, New Haven), EMC Chairman. "To encourage people to participate in clean-up projects, the EMC will award a $50 gift card prize to the group that picks up the most garbage during Earth Week in Oswego County."

Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22.

Before and after clean-up photos and a written description of the project should be sent to the Oswego County Tourism Office, 46 E. Bridge St., Oswego, 13126, or emailed to tourism@oswegocounty.com. The deadline to submit photos is Monday, May 20.

Legislator Twiss said the EMC welcomes ideas from residents about areas in the county that need attention and other ways to improve the environment.

"The EMC would love to hear from people in our community about what can be done to better the county environmentally. We'd also like to know about any park, body of water or roadside that could use the assistance of a group of people looking to make a difference," said Legislator Twiss. "We are striving for a continually clean Oswego County so that future generations are able to enjoy the same great opportunities we currently enjoy."

Legislator Twiss added that "activities such as fishing, for example, would be lost if we as a county ever forgot how important it is that to keep the lake in our backyard clean. A clean lake doesn't just mean healthier wildlife - it also means a stronger economy, as tourism is one of the biggest driving factors in the county's economy."

For more information about Earth Week activities, email patrick.twiss@oswegocounty.com.

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