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May 3, 2019

Wireless Phone Customers Are Reminded to Sign Up for Hyper-Reach Emergency Notifications

OSWEGO COUNTY - Oswego County residents who would like to receive emergency notifications through their wireless phones are reminded to sign up for the Hyper-Reach Broadcast Notification Service through Oswego County's E-911 Emergency Communications Department.

The Hyper-Reach service is used to notify residents of community alerts and local emergencies. The system, which is activated through E-911, can send a message to targeted households at a rate of 10,000 telephone numbers per hour.

"Hyper-Reach is a valuable tool available to E-911 to help make Oswego County a safer place," said County Legislator Terry Wilbur, District 21, Hannibal, chairman of the Legislature's Public Safety Committee. "We have used Hyper-Reach for the past several years to provide emergency information to residents in targeted areas."

Kevin Pooley, Director of the E-911 Emergency Communications Department, said the community alert system has been used to help locate missing children, evacuate a neighborhood during a hazardous materials incident, and in police standoff situations. The system is also used to notify targeted geographic areas during aerial spraying for mosquitoes and in other instances when large numbers of the population need to be notified or evacuated.

Residents who would like to receive community alerts by wireless phones, text messages and TTY/TDD may register for Hyper-Reach notification by clicking the link on the Oswego County website at oswegocounty.com, or request a registration form by calling the E-911 administrative office at 315-349-8215 or 1-800-679-3911.

Information provided by customers when registering for Hyper-Reach is not used for any purpose other than emergency community announcements. Landline phone customers don't need to register for Hyper-Reach because their numbers are already provided to E-911 by the telephone companies that serve Oswego County.

If no one is home, the Hyper-Reach system will leave a message on the customer's answering machine. If the telephone number is busy or there is no answer, the system will make repeated attempts to reach the telephone number.

The service was purchased for Oswego County in 2006 by Entergy Nuclear and Exelon, the companies that owned the nuclear power plants at Nine Mile Point.

The Legislature's Public Safety Committee oversees the E-911 program and other departments involved in public safety activities. In addition to Legislator Wilbur, committee members include vice chairman Bradley Trudell, District 7, Mexico; Frank Castiglia Jr., District 25, Fulton; Mary Ellen Chesbro, District 10, Pennellville; Margaret Kastler, District 1, Sandy Creek; Richard Kline, District 12, Phoenix; and Milferd Potter, District 2, Orwell.

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