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Success Stories:

Citizenship Recipients

Xiu Hong
Xiu Hong received her citizenship in April 2009.

Ricardo received his citizenship in July 2009.

Mei passed her citizenship test on 11/9/10. She will appear for her Naturalization Oath Ceremony on December 16, 2010.

GED Recipients

Ray Jan
RayJan started out being homeschooled but wasn’t able to finish all the years needed. She lived with her low literacy for 19 years before finding Literacy Volunteers of Oswego County. Her sister, Winn, contacted us in November 2007 wanting help for both of them with their long term goals of passing the GED. RayJan started out with a 3rd grade Math level and a 5th Reading level but has worked very hard, staying with our program for 2 ˝ years so she could improve those skills and others to reach her goal.

Earlier this year RayJan was able to realize this goal because she received her GED Diploma! RayJan’s tutor, Peggy, wanted her to know how proud she is to be a part of such a life changing accomplishment!

Winn also started out being homeschooled and took the initial step to contact us in November of 07 to get tutors for her and her sister RayJan. Luckily the volunteer who tutored RayJan was also able to tutor Winn at the same time. Winn worked very hard as well and received her GED Diploma this past winter!

Peggy wanted you both to know how proud she is of each of you! She hopes you know that your hard work and commitment you showed to her and your lessons is what made you successful!

General Success Stories

Caroline & Shirley
Caroline and Shirley are currently Literacy Volunteers learners, and also happen to be mother and daughter. They’ve worked extremely hard this past year to reach their goals. They even stepped out of their comfort zone to speak at our Scrabble Fest in April, which we are extremely grateful for. Even though Shirley has a busy work schedule, she makes tutoring sessions a priority for her and Caroline. Both ladies attend their sessions regularly, on time and always come prepared to learn more. They’re commitment to improving their skills has been exceptional!

Joe came to Literacy Volunteers about 5 years ago and started at a 3rd grade reading level. He has worked with LVOC tutors off and on during that time and has gotten to a point that he no longer needs a tutor! Joe now reads at almost a 7th grade level and his math skills have improved to a 7th grade level as well!

Joe is also involved with Fulton’s Step by Step program and will continue to be involved there. According to his tutor, Steve, he couldn’t be prouder to see Joe grow to this point! And we here at LVOC feel the same – we are so proud of Joe!

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