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Oswego County
Children's Mental Health


Oswego County's Children's SPOA process is coordinated by:

Jill Gutelius, Mental Health Services Coordinator 100 Spring Street PO Box 1320
Mexico, NY 13114
Phone (315) 963-5361 FAX (315) 963-5530

SPOA is the process by which children’s mental health community-based services are accessed and by which level of service recommendations are reached. The process to arrive at this decision may include conducting a phone screening, child/family assessment meeting, collaboration with the referral source and other current providers, record review, and presentation to the SPOA Committee for service planning. A Family Advocate from Hillside Children’s Center will also be available to assist families as they participate in this process, should they chose to use the service.

To request that someone currently enrolled in a program be transferred to a different level of service, please contact the current program to discuss the concerns before making a SPOA referral.

TO MAKE A REFERRAL: Submit the following forms to the address or FAX listed above (If you require assistance with completing the necessary forms, contact the SPOA Facilitator)

Children's SPOA Referral Form, Consent Forms & Release of Information:
  • Referral Form: Complete the referral form to the best of your ability. Asterisked (*) sections or items must be completed. The more information you can provide on the form the quicker a referral can be processed.

  • Signed SPOA Consent Form: Sign or obtain signed Consent from parent/guardian for the SPOA process to occur. *A consent requesting restricted disclosure may mean the referral will be processed without committee review and input which could result in a less effective plan for services. A missing consent form will delay the referral process.

  • Signed Authorization for Release of Information: Sign or obtain signed Authorization form(s) from parent/guardian, specifying the provider(s) who can provide clinical information or will be directly involved in the assessment and planning process so that confirmation of diagnosis and functional assessment may be obtained from most current treatment provider.

  • Children's SPOA Accessed Programs

    ** Missing or Incomplete Forms will Delay the Referral Process**
  • Questions about Oswego County Mental Hygiene?
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