2017-18 Roll Year

The Assessment Roll is a report released annually that lists the ownership and assessment information for all real property within a given Assessing Unit (Town, Village, School District, etc). The Assessment Year does not run from January to December, but from July to June, with July 1st being the beginning of every new assessment year.
  • The Tentative Roll is released on May 1st and will contain tentative assessed values for the upcoming roll year.
  • The Final Roll is released on July 1st and will contain final assessed values and begin the new roll year.
  • The Tax Roll is released on January 1st and will contain final assessed values along with the actual dollar amount for each parcel's property taxes.

All rolls are provided in .pdf format on this page. Physical paper copies of the roll are available at your local Assessor's office. Rolls are sorted alphabetical by owner's last name.

Tentative Assessment Rolls

Tentative rolls will be available May 1st, 2018.

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