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About Our Office

The Real Property Tax Service provides several services to all cities and towns that are located within Oswego County.

Our office prepares and maintains Tax Maps, GIS shapefiles, and basemaps for their use in accurate appraisal of real property; advises local assessors' on the procedures for the preparation and maintenance of asssessment rolls, property record cards, appraisal cards and other records and documents relating to real property assessment and taxation; provides administrative support, cooperation, training, and assistance to acting boards of assessment review; assists the County Treasuerer in the annual county tax delinquent property auction; and provides technical support and expertise in the management of New York State's Real Property System (RPS) database.


What you can find in our office


Assessment and ownership records for every tax parcel within Oswego County.


Property Tax Exemption forms, applications, and information.


Information on the yearly tax delinquent property auction.


Special purpose maps, drawn to scale, depicting all the real property parcels within Oswego County


Standard and custom data reports for use with mailing lists, appraisals, and research.


Custom mapping services, Orthographics, specialty maps


Fees for Services

Please have the full tax map number(s) ready when requesting print services from our office. Digital Tax Maps are updated regularly online and are avaliable for free.

Standard shipping rates will be applied to mail-to requests.

Tax Map

Half Size 18" x 24"

Full Size 30" x 42"

Scaled Map

Tax Parcel Lines Only

Full Section

Tax Map Portion

Letter Size 8.5" x 11"

Legal Size 8.5" x 14"

Tabloid Size 11" x 17"

Scaled Portion of Tax Map

Black and White Photocopy

Aerial Orthographic Map

Tabloid Size 11" x 17"

Half Size 18" x 24"

Full Size 30" x 42"

Custom Aerial Map

With or Without Parcel Lines

GIS and RPS Data

Shapefiles are created using ArcMap 10.3.1, we cannot guarantee support for older versions of ArcMap or similar third party GIS software. End user license agreement avaliable online. Standard and Custom data reports are also avaliable. Call for details. Requests requiring special programming or SQL scripting will be charged on an estimated per report basis.

Town Shapefile

One Municipality

Includes Assessment Data

Compatible with ESRI ArcGIS products

County Shapefile

All Oswego County Municipalities

Includes Assessment Data

Compatible with ESRI ArcGIS products

Data Report

Multiple Data Formats Available

Custom Report Options

For Paper Reports add $0.10 / page


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