Each year New York State calculates an equalization ratio for every municipality. This rate is used to maintain equity in the apportionment of taxes when the taxing jurisdiction crosses municipal lines, such as for county or school taxes. The ratio is calculated by taking the total assessed value of the municipality and dividing it by New York State's estimate of full market value.

The table below shows the most current Equalization Rates for Oswego County. Historical Rates are available online through New York State.

Township ER
City of Fulton 100.00%
City of Oswego 100.00%
Town of Albion 90.00%
Town of Amboy 100.00%
Town of Boylston 95.00%
Town of Constantia 98.00%
Town of Granby 95.00%
Town of Hannibal 100.00%
Town of Hastings 93.00%
Town of Mexico 95.00%
Town of Minetto 100.00%
Town of New Haven 100.00%
Town of Orwell 100.00%
Town of Oswego 96.00%
Town of Palermo 100.00%
Town of Parish 100.00%
Town of Redfield 100.00%
Town of Richland 87.00%
Town of Sandy Creek 100.00%
Town of Schroeppel 82.00%
Town of Scriba 86.20%
Town of Volney 100.00%
Town of West Monroe 100.00%
Town of Williamstown 100.00%
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