Oswego County Real Property Tax Service

Oswego County Real Property

2017 Levels of Assessment

New York State Law requires real property to be assessed at full market value or a percentage of full market value. The level of assessment (LOA) is the locally stated percentage of full market value at which properties in that municipality are assessed. A LOA of 100% means properties are being assessed at full market value.
Township LOA
City of Fulton 100.00%
City of Oswego 100.00%
Town of Albion 90.00%
Town of Amboy 100.00%
Town of Boylston 95.00%
Town of Constantia 98.00%
Town of Granby 95.00%
Town of Hannibal 100.00%
Town of Hastings 93.00%
Town of Mexico 95.00%
Town of Minetto 100.00%
Town of New Haven 100.00%
Town of Orwell 100.00%
Town of Oswego 96.00%
Town of Palermo 100.00%
Town of Parish 100.00%
Town of Redfield 100.00%
Town of Richland 87.00%
Town of Sandy Creek 100.00%
Town of Schroeppel 82.00%
Town of Scriba 86.20%
Town of Volney 100.00%
Town of West Monroe 100.00%
Town of Williamstown 100.00%
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