Oswego County Real Property Tax Service

Subdivision Map Filing Requirements

Instructions for the Office of Real Property

Note: these instructions are also available for download in .pdf format.

Whenever real property is subdivided for sale, development, or transfer of ownership a final plat of the subdivided property must be filed with the Office of the County Clerk. One of the requirements to file with the Clerk is a certificate from the County Director of Real Property Tax Service that a copy of the subdivided property has been filed with the County Real Property Tax Service Office. In order to file the map you will need the following:

  • A paper copy of the survey map showing the subdivided property, to be retained by our office.
  • A mylar or blueprint copy of the survey map to be filed with the County Clerk.
  • A 10-year tax search certificate showing that taxes have been paid on the parcel. This can be obtained through a title insurance or abstract company.
  • A signature of final approval from the City, Village, or Town Planning Board endorsed upon both maps if the subdivided property is located in a Municipality that has such requirements. Please check with your City, Village, or Town Planning Board or Code Enforcement Officer.

The basic fees for filing an original, altered, or abandoned subdivision with RPTS are:

1-3 Lots $25
4-9 Lots $50
10+ Lots $100
Any subdivision that necessitates a change upon the tax map is subject to this fee.

Maps are to be presented to the Real Property Tax Service office located on the second floor of the County Legislative Office Building, 46 East Bridge Street in Oswego. We accept Cash or Check. Checks may be made out to Oswego County Real Property Tax Service.

For any questions on filing requirements with our office please feel free to contact us Monday through Friday at (315) 349-8315.

For further information on the requirements and fees for filing the subdivision with the County Clerk, please contact their office at (315) 349-8621.

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